Employee evaluation can support their motivation

Unfortunately, your subordination lacks motivation. They don't have a goal to improve. Then you cannot be surprised that your company is failing. The key to success is the ability of people who work every day in the workplace for maximum performance. This does not threaten your company. Here everyone will do their homework and after completion they go home immediately. Communication is binding and motivation practically none exists. Your company will need to change absolutely everything. Start with yourself. The director must follow a subordinate example.
Identify hidden talents in your company
You can find hidden talents in every workplace that can move your business forward. But it won't work without a job, you must realize it in time. It may be better to hire experienced professionals who have a rich experience in the field of human resources. Employee reviews you neglected. You can admit it. It just didn't seem necessary to you. You're probably the director of Flashers. You'll have to start educating yourself. You have large gaps that need to be replenished. Then everything could work again.