All-weather ventilation

In the hot summer there are also heavy thunderstorms and rain. A common problem in summer steam is ventilation in the house. How to get rid of heat? When a strong pour comes, we don't like closing windows, because the heat is intolerable inside, but if we don't close, we'll have a flood in the house. We can prevent this with the help of window blinds, which allow ventilation even in bad weather and the home will not wear.
Thunder, Lightning and wheelbarrows
When the summer comes a strong thunderstorm, some have the most appetite to crawl into bed and hide under the duvet cover. If you are among the type of people who are afraid of storms, get an outdoor window shutters. It will give you darkness, so you won't see lightning, at the same time you can ventilate. And if God did not come hail, they will protect your windows from being damaged. And you can continue the activity you are doing.